Elections have concluded for 2018-2019. Please see the results below: winners are highlighted in RED


President  Candidate Statements

Nur E Alom – 1 vote

Abolade Oladimeji – 1 vote

Cole White – 1 vote

Alisa Nammavong: College of Nursing – 43 votes

I started in GSA my first year of the Clinical Nurse Leader program and quickly became attached. Previously, I helped with advertising (designing flyers, creating the newest MGRS logo and signs, and anything else creative), was representative of the CON and MGRS Judge Coordinator. As Vice President, I developed a fond appreciation for my peers and colleagues. Through emails and office conversations, I have gained an appreciation for the diversity of students we represent and am excited to be able to continue to lead and advocate for the graduate student body and UT. In the future, I hope to continue to improve the image of GSA as one of transparency and inclusion as well as find platforms to give graduate students space to share and discuss their concerns. GSA continues to make UT and Toledo home for me and I look forward to the upcoming year!


Vice-President  Candidate Statements

Kristy Nagy – 2 votes

Sahar Atshan: College of Nursing – 43 votes

I believe I would be a great Vice President of the Graduate Student Association because i am committed to representing and advocating for my fellow graduate students at the University of Toledo. It is important that we have a representative to help make an impact on the decisions of our colleges. I have been an active member of GSA for over a year now; serving as a representative and a committee chair. I have also been involved with MGRS for the past 2 years and strongly believe i am ready to plan next years. I am passionate about the GSA and feel ready to take on a greater role in order to serve the UT community and continue to advocate for my fellow graduate students. I would appreciate your vote to serve as the new GSA Vice President.


Treasurer Candidate Statements

Derian Kuneman – 2 votes

Kristy Kagy: College of Medicine and Life Sciences – 48 votes

As a current graduate student in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences and an alumna of the University of Toledo’s College of Health and Human Services I am honored to be a GSA Representative and nominee for Vice President. I’m my time at UT I have lead the biggest undergraduate student organization on-campus as president, directed a non-profit to promote water rights in developing countries (Walk for Water), interned with Ohio’s 9th congressional representative, and worked/conducted research under the supervision of Dr. Skie as a Research Coordinator at UTMC Ortho. Through all of my endeavors at the University of Toledo, I have found that active participation is key to bringing about positive changes need to grow and form a university on the rise! As the Vice President of the Graduate Student Association my primary mission would be to work with UT faculty and administrators to enhance the College of Graduate Studies and be a liaison to graduate students and their concerns.


Communications Specialist Candidate Statement

Brandi Kimbrough: College of Health & Human Service – 38 votes

A great deal of my past professional experiences have been centered on communications. I have managed social media platforms, created print media, and worked on strategic communication campaigns. All of which have been in efforts to reach students. While working to obtain my Ed.S. in School Psychology, I plan to further develop my communication skills while proudly serving GSA. Please vote for me if you would like a dedicated, committed and well versed leader to fulfill the role of Communication Specialist. Thank you! ________________________________________________________________

Health Science Campus Secretary Candidate Statements

Cara DeAngelis: College of Medicine and Life Sciences – 30 votes

I would like to run for the position of Health Science Campus (HSC) Secretary. I’m a fourth-year graduate student in the Biomedical Science Program, specifically in the Medical Microbiology and Immunology Track. For the past two years I’ve been a member of the Council of Biomedical Graduate Students (CBGS), first as a representative and currently as Vice President. During my time with CBGS I’ve helped organize the Graduate Research Forum, Career Forum, and welcome picnic for biomedical graduate students. In addition, I’ve had experience with booking rooms in the Health Education Building and enjoy taking extensive notes, which are the main responsibilities as HSC Secretary. During my last year in the graduate program, I’d like to extend my involvement to all graduate students, not just biomedical graduate students.

Ethel Tackie-Yarboi: College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences – 31 votes

I would like to be elected for this position due to my past experience with GSA. I currently serve as a committee chair for the Professional development committee and the representative for the college of Pharmacy. I have thoroughly enjoyed both positions and they have provided me with ample experience that will help me as the secretary. Therefore, I feel I can contribute to the association in various ways. Moreover, I take good notes and would say that I have pretty good experience with time management and balancing different responsibilities. This position will help me foster communications across both campuses.


Main Campus Secretary Candidate Statement

Shelby Kesterson: College of Natural Science & Mathematics – 34 votes

My name is Shelby Kesterson. I am currently a 4th year PhD student in the Department of Biological Sciences. I am running for the main campus secretary. I think I would be good at this position because I am very attentive and good at taking notes. I am also currently the President of the Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA) so I am very already involved in sending communications throughout my department which is a skill I think would carry over very well into being the main campus secretary.