Emergency Assistance

For students with emergencies and/or seeking consultation, please contact the resources available from the Office of Student Affairs. Visit the University of Toledo Emergency Assistance page for more information.

If this is a life-threatening emergency, CALL 911!
UT Police Department Non-Emergent Concern for all campuses: 419-530-2601
UT Police Department Emergent Safety Concern for all campuses: 419-530-2600
*NOTE: If you are concerned for your safety or the safety of others, CALL the police IMMEDIATELY.

If you are concerned that a student is considering suicide:
For immediate action call UTPD: 419.530.2600
Refer to the student to the University Counseling center as soon as possible!

Counseling Center (Main Campus, Rocket Hall):  419-530-2426
Please note that the counseling is confidential, does not impact academic records or standing, and is free to registered UT students!
The Counseling Center offers resources to assist with issues such as:
Mental Health
Substance Abuse (Drugs/Alcohol)
Sexual Assault
General Counseling
Psychology Clinic
Student Legal Services
And other concerns

Other important information for emergencies, treatments, and support resources:
Main Campus Medical Center 419.530.3451
24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline (YWCA) 419.530.3431
Title IX Office 419.530.3152
UT Faculty and Staff ‘911’ Guide 

To stay up to date about campus emergency situations, please register with the UT Alert System. 


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