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The Graduate Student Association is happy to be able to provide assistance and support for organizations and programs that will promote a positive graduate experience at the University Toledo and with its partner universities. We believe that these programs enhance our experiences as graduate students as well as promote interprofessional learning, networking, and the development of skills necessary to become successful in our careers.

Each University of Toledo college and department is eligible to apply for funding to support events such as symposiums, keynote speakers, career fairs, and other programming. Funds are budgeted to promote such programming and historically have been used by a diversity of departments! Please refer to the Funding for Campus Programs to find out more about this process!

Travel funds are also available for students presenting or attending conferences and symposiums or participating in other scholarly activity. These funds allow graduate students to explore their field of interest and share their hard work with other universities, further promoting UT graduate student success! Please reference the Eligibility and Travel Funding Process for more information.

About the Travel Funding Program

What is the GSA Travel Funding Program?

  • The GSA Travel Funding Program is designed to provide PARTIAL financial support to UT Graduate Students who attend a conference or symposium or are participating in other scholarly activity.
    • Note: If you are invited to speak at a symposium, then you are also eligible to receive funding from this program.
  • This is for out-of-pocket expenses only; P-card charges will not be reimbursed.

What types of expenses can I have funded through the GSA?*

  • Conference/seminar/symposium registration
  • Travel expenses including:
    • Mileage (Gas receipts must be submitted along with the mileage report. Even though the gas receipts aren’t reimbursable, they will verify that the student attended the conference)
    • Airfare
    • Lodging
    • Cab Fare
    • Bus Fare
    • Poster Printing
  • Networking opportunities are NOT reimbursable.
  • Food/drink expenses are NOT reimbursable.

* See instructions for receiving funding for full guidelines regarding travel reimbursement. Make sure you read these before you depart for your conference.


Other Important Information

  • The Travel Funding Program is a privilege not a right!
  • GSA will send out a confirmation email upon receiving your final application package, submitted after your trip.  Your application will be reviewed within 14 days by the Travel Funding Committee for approval.  You will be contacted via email once the decision has been made.
  • If you believe that the treasurer has incorrectly determined whether you are active status or inactive status please contact either Shelby Kesterson (Main Campus Secretary) at OR Ethel Tackie-Yarboi (Health Science Campus Secretary) at
  • Students are allowed to request up to their maximum amount for reimbursement.
    • For example, if a student is eligible for $300 in funds, the student could request reimbursement of $150 from two conferences to achieve their maximum reimbursement amount (or any other combination that reaches the maximum of $300).
  • If found “double dipping” (defined as asking for money for the same exact item from two different sources) that graduate student will be banned from the GSA Travel Funding program for their remaining tenure as a student at UT.
    • For example, a student asking for a $50.00 reimbursement from GSA as well as from their department for the same $50.00 expense. This would result in the student receiving $100.00 for a single $50.00 expense. This is clear abuse of the system and absolutely will not be tolerated.
    • If found guilty of double dipping and sanctions are imposed, the decision is final.
  • GSA has the right to decline funding in the case of a student failing to adhere to the travel reimbursement procedure.
  • Applications and receipts will not be returned to you once submitted, so please make your own copies.
  • Due to the growing popularity of the Travel Funding Program, funding may become limited!
    • GSA reserves the right to impose a hierarchical approach for the selection of applicant funding.  This hierarchy will be based on GSA funding availability, conference attendance status (presenter or visitor), or GSA membership level.
    • Funding is never guaranteed and GSA maintains the right to deny funding at any time.


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