The GSA is happy to be able to provide assistance for organizations or programs that will have an impact on the graduate students experience. Each college is eligible to apply for funding for events such as symposiums, keynote speakers, and professional events.

Travel funds are also available for students presenting at conferences.  Please reference the Eligibility and Travel Funding Process tabs on the GSA homepage for more information.

To receive GSA funding for campus events students must submit a word document with answers to all the following questions to Please cc our treasurer Geethika Liyanage as well.

You must have this information submitted at least two weeks before a GSA general assembly meeting (see calendar). At the meeting you will be given the chance to present your event. The general assembly will be given the chance to ask questions and vote on funding.

If the GSA funds your event, the GSA Logo must be included on all advertising material for the event.

The GSA will not distribute funds until all requirements are met.

  1. Title of proposed event:
  1. What College or university organization is sponsoring the event?

Primary contact:

Primary contact email:

Primary contact phone:

  1. Please provide a one to two paragraph description of the event you intend to sponsor.
  1. When is the event?
  1. Where will the event be held?
  1. How much funding are you requesting?
  1. How will the funds be used?
  1. How will you advertise this event?
  2. You must include the GSA logo on all advertising materials. The logo can be found below.
  3.  You must provide the index and the account number of your department so the funds can be transferred.

GSA logo