Funding for Campus Programs

The GSA is excited to offer funding to Graduate Organizations and Programs at the University of Toledo that help to support the Academic, Professional, and Social development of Graduate Students.

To request financial support for your organization you must submit a funding application via email to You must include the GSA Treasurer and a member of the budget review committee when you submit your application.

GSA Treasurer: Kristy Kagy:

Budget Review Committee: TBA for 2018-19 Academic Year

You must submit your application at least fourteen (14) days before a GSA General Assembly Meeting! General Assembly meeting dates can be found hereThe General Assembly Representatives will vote to fund or reject your event based on your application and ability to present your request (PowerPoint, slideshow, etc.) in person at the General Assembly meeting. Please be prepared to answer questions from all GSA members about your event! 

The following information is required in your funding application.

  1. Title of your proposed event or program:
  2. What College or university organization is sponsoring the event?
  3. Primary contact for the event:
  4. Primary contact’s email:
  5. Primary contact’s phone number:
  6. Please provide a one to two paragraph description of the event you intend to sponsor.
  7. How will graduate students benefit from the event?
  8. How many graduate students will benefit from the event?
  9. When is the event (times and dates)?
  10. Where will the event be held?
  11. How much funding are you requesting?
  12. How will the funds be used?
  13. Are there any additional funding sources for the event?
  14. How will you advertise this event?
  15. You must provide the index and the account number of your department so the funds can be transferred.
  16. You must include the GSA logo (see below) on all advertising materials. All advertising must include “Funding provided by” or “Sponsored by” followed by the GSA logo. All advertising must be approved by the Executive Board before posting.
    NOTE: All advertising on Main Campus must abide by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership guidelines on this link.
    NOTE: Please consider using OSIL resources to support your event! 
 GSA logo

PLEASE NOTE: The University of Toledo, UT Graduate Student Association, and UT Office of Student Involvement are not liable under any circumstances for any injuries or damages incurred during GSA and campus funded events.