Committee Meetings

Committees play an essential role in helping the GSA to advance the interests of the students. They allow GSA members the chance to work with each other and side by side with administration toward bettering graduate student experience. As of now five committees have been established to meet this aforementioned goal.

Professional Development Committee

Professional Development
Along with representing graduate student interests across the university, the GSA strives to provide opportunities for its constituents to develop professionally as well as academically. The goal of the Professional Development Committee is to find members of the Midwest community that can provide insight to graduate students each meeting, seek engaging discussants for the advancement of scholarly activity and career development at the Midwest Graduate Research Symposium and host events for graduate students to develop professional skills.

Committee Chair : Tricia Merritt
Members: Zac Douglas, Dave McMurray, Sydney Miller, Bekka Apardian, Abdullah Al Saad, Brittany Jones, Darren Gordon, David Sherman 

Next Meeting: TBA

Public Relations Committee

It is important that the GSA maintains a strong presence both on campus and online. The Public Relations Committee was formed to advertise GSA and other graduate events at the University of Toledo, create a presence in the greater Toledo community, collaborate with other universities, and utilize other media resources (e.g., The Toledo Blade, Facebook, Twitter) to promote UT graduate students.

Committee Chair : Morgan Ramsdell 
Members: Quatez Scott, Madeleine Nelson, Jonnelle Edwards, Thomas Maani, Salvio Almelda, and Chantell Wilkins

Next Meeting: TBA

Social Events Committee

The GSA is committed to providing networking opportunities for graduate students in both professional and social atmospheres. The Social Events Committee is tasked with hosting at least two events for graduate students throughout the academic year. These events can range from cookouts to movie nights, but the overarching goal is to bring graduate students from different disciplines together.

Committee Chair : Laura Morillo
Members :  Prabhani Rajakaruna and Jeanna Tran

Next Meeting: TBA

Research and Development Committee

This committee will be responsible for assessing the needs of the graduate and professional students at the University of Toledo and developing the tools required to advocate for their fulfillment. This committee will serve the purpose of discovering these needs through the use of quantitative and qualitative research methods. In addition, this committee will serve the GSA in any other area in which quantitative and qualitative research methods can be used to improve programs organized and/or sponsored by the GSA.

Committee Chair : Ian Clifton
Members: Pranav Patel, Diana Ching, Otor Hope, Prabhani Rajakaruna, Katsumi Takeno, Lamide Ogundeji

Next Meeting: October 30, 2018 at 5:30 pm, Student Union room 1509

Budget Review Committee

GSA allocates a portion of its budget to be used by colleges for student development. This includes symposia, guest lectures, research forums, etc. The respective departments of the college should submit a formal proposal for the budget of that event in order to request funds at the general assembly. The budget review committee will review these funding requests prior to the meetings and determine whether the proposal is justified and work with the requesting parties to bring to the General assembly.

Committee Chair : Kristy Kagy (Treasurer)
Committee Members : TBA

Next Meeting: Discretion of Treasurer 

Constitution Review Committee

The Constitution Review Committee is tasked to update the Graduate Student Association Constitution with the College of Graduate Studies to align with University of Toledo recommendations and policies and to reflect the current environment of the GSA. To propose an amendment to this Constitution or to the By-Laws, the proposing assembly member will read and present a written copy of the amendment at a regular meeting of the General Assembly. The Dean of the College of Graduate Studies must review amendments before the GSA vote. At the subsequent General Assembly meeting, the GA will vote upon the amendment. The amendment shall be adopted upon a majority vote by the Representatives of the General Assembly.

Committee Chair : Robert Worthington 
Committee Members : Laura Morillo, Ara Orden, Jessica Swan, Hallie Dolin, Max Engleman

Next Meeting: TBA

Ad Hoc Committees

Special Interest Committee on Health

External Committee Affiliations

Not only does GSA serve on internal committees, but members also represent the student body by serving on a wide range of university committees.  These include:


University Committee

Primary GSA Representative

Secondary GSA Representative

Graduate Council


 Vice President
Graduate Council Exec Committee


Vice President

Academic Standings Committee



Curriculum Committee


MC or HSC Secretary

University Council


Vice President

University Council  Exec Committee



Graduate Student Affairs Committee

Vice President

MC & HSC Secretary

Academic Programs and Regulation Committee



Bylaws & Constitution Committee



President’s Advisory Council President Vice President
Board of Trustees President Vice President

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