GSA Representatives (2018-19)

We would like to welcome our new 2018-19 Representatives! Please feel free to contact them as your advocate, support person, and colleague throughout your academic year!

What is the Role of the GSA Representative?
The Representative of their College serves for a full academic year* starting in the Fall semester. These Representatives attend all**General Assembly meetings as representative of their respective student body and college. Reps are voting members in budget requests, policy changes, and other concerns brought to the attention of the GSA. As leaders of their college, they participate and may be asked to lead the GSA Committees. Reps have access to the GSA Office (SU 1509 on Main Campus) and are required to hold 1 weekly office hour.

College of Arts & Letters

  • Laura Morillo (
  • Brittany Jones (

College of Business & Innovation

College of Education

  • David McMurray (

College of Engineering

  • Abdullah Al Saad (
  • Ibeh Omodolor (

College of Health and Human Services

  • Katsumi Takeno (
  • Jeanna Tran (

College of Law

  • Sabrinne Gibson (
  • Robert Worthington (

College of Medicine and Life Sciences

  • Darren Gordon (
  • Hallie Dolin (

College of Natural Science and Mathematics

  • Prabhani Rajakaruna (
  • Ian Clifton (

College of Nursing

  • Sydney Miller (
  • Zachary Douglas (

College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


*If a representative is unable to be present for their duties at General Assembly, they may send a proxy (another graduate student from their college) in their place or risk losing their position. The proxy must be a graduate student in good academic standing. If a proxy is designated, the representative must notify the Executive Board as soon as possible!

*In the event a representative is only able to serve for one semester, please contact the Executive Board to discuss what action will be taken to find replacement of the representative.