Health Insurance

As you may know, there have been recent changes in student health insurance plans.  Here we try to provide accurate and up-to-date information so you can make an informed decision. Below is the official statement regarding the change in student insurance policy:

Official Policy:  If you are required by your program/college to have health care coverage, the charge for student health insurance care coverage will be placed on your student account. This coverage is required for students in the MD program and in the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health Sciences, and for student-athletes. If you are an international student holding a J-1 visa and have a federal requirement for health care coverage, the charge for that coverage will be placed on your student account. The charge may be waived after you provide evidence that you have other, comparable health care insurance/coverage.

All other University of Toledo students may enroll voluntarily in the SEBT health coverage Plan by going to the SEBT website and providing your information and payment. Alternately, you may choose to purchase health care coverage through the  ACA federal exchanges or enroll on parent, spouse or family health care plans.” (

Since students are no longer required by the university to purchase insurance, GSA is currently collecting information on satisfaction with current insurance options in order to help students now that their options have broadened. Below is a poll regarding satisfaction with the current student insurance program. Feel free to leave comments about your experiences with SEBT or alternative providers. We have also provided a link to in addition to the University’s website. We will add additional insurance options as we learn more.

Health Insurance Options:

  2. UT Insurance