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Student Health Coverage Plans 
Graduate Student Insurance Premiums
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Explanation of Benefits
Health Insurance Quick Fact Sheet
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Official Policy:  If you are required by your program/college to have health care coverage, the charge for student health insurance care coverage will be placed on your student account. This coverage is required for students in the MD program and in the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health Sciences, and for student-athletes. If you are an international student holding a J-1 visa and have a federal requirement for health care coverage, the charge for that coverage will be placed on your student account. The charge may be waived after you provide evidence that you have other, comparable health care insurance/coverage.

Feel free to send comments or concerns about your experiences with SEBT or alternative providers to  We will continue to add more information as it is received.

If you are having concerns or problems with health insurance, medical conditions, costs of insurance, etc., please contact Dan Boyle ( of the Office of Student Advocacy and Support or the The Special Interest Committee on Health with the GSA also may be able to answer questions! Contact!

On-Campus Student Health Locations

  1. Main Campus Medical Center (419-530-3451): Located at the Southwest side of campus across from International House and Academic House, next to Rocket Hall; 1675 West Rocket Drive
  2. Health Science Campus Student Health and Wellness Center (419-383-5000): Located in the Lower Level Suite #013 of Ruppert Health Center



Last Updated: 11/15/2018