Midwest Graduate Research Symposium

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The Graduate Student Association is proud to present the 10th Annual Midwest Graduate Research Symposium (MGRS) on Saturday, April 6th, 2019 at the University of Toledo.  This event has been recognized as a premier event and is a great opportunity for presenting research, networking, and fostering intercollegiate friendships and collaborations.  Here at the University of Toledo we strive to improve the world around us by advancing research and education to the cutting edge.  We look forward to hosting individuals from around the nation in what promises to be an outstanding day for all involved.

2019 MGRS Program


2018-2019 Coordinator Positions

Lead Symposium Co-Coordinators: Alisa Nammavong and Sahar Atshan
Contributions Coordinator: David McMurray
Appeals to organizations (i.e., Sigma Xi, AWIS, NSF), universities, colleges, local businesses, and others to sponsor awards and programs for the symposium.
Recruitment Coordinator: Katsumi Takeno & Dave Sherman
Contacts other universities and colleges to recruit presenters and attendees. Invites the students of these universities and colleges, whether graduate or undergraduate students.
Judges Coordinator: Raina Dawson & Navid Namdari
Recruit professors, faculty, administrators, and leaders in industry/profession to serve as judges for podium and poster presentations.
Press & Media Coordinator: Madeleine Nelson
Advertise the MGRS in as many news outlets and media forums as possible.  Contacts local radio, television, and print sources to request coverage for MGRS. Work with PR committee to design and distribute posters.
Volunteer Coordinator: Diana Ching 
Recruit undergraduate and graduate volunteers to participate in the organization and management of the preparation and event. Delegates tasks during and before the symposia, including the formation of packets for judges, signs for directions to and from locations, and other tasks.
Scheduling Coordinator: Hossein Abedsoltan
After the registration deadline, schedules all registered podium and poster presentations into individual symposia based on similarity of topic, subject manner, and other categorizations.
Program Coordinator: Zeinab Zoghi
Design and organize the online and printed programs used by attendees throughout the symposia.