General Election Nominations-2017-2018

The Nominations for 2017-2018

If after reading the Offices and Responsibilities you feel called to serve your peers here at the University of Toledo, please apply to be an officer.

To apply follow the process below:

  1. Go to the Application for 2017-2018 Graduate Student Association Officers Positions Elections link provided here:
  2. Fill out the Application for the Officer Position
  3. Submit the application and begin your campaign
  4. Develop a Platform for your campaign and come to the March General Assembly Meeting to introduce yourself and share your platform!

To be completely transparent to the GSA General Assembly, the salary and benefits of the different positions are now posted (below). However, do realize that the expected hours for each position are listed on the “officer’s responsibilities form” and that each candidate should be motivated to fully serve and fulfill the position for which they are applying.

The Current Stipend and Tuition Amounts Are Below. Due to proposed reallocations (within the GSA budget), stipends are subject to change. Do not run unless you would be willing to serve even with slight decreases in the stipends:

  1. President: Full tuition AND FEES up to 9 credit hours, $11,500 stipend
  2. Vice President: Half Tuition (no fees) up to 9 credit hours, $8000 Stipend
  3. Treasurer: Half Tuition up to 9 credit hours (no fees), $6500 Stipend
  4. HSC/MC Secretary and Communications Specialists: $1850 Stipend
  5. Communications Specialists: $1500 Stipend

Good Luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!