Attention Students Seeking GSA Travel Reimbursements!!

The funding process can be utilized in two ways:

  1. GSA can pre-pay your expenses prior to your travel, up to the amount you are eligible to receive.
  2. GSA can reimburse any appropriate costs of your trip once you get back from traveling, so long as all GSA travel funding guidelines have been followed.

Regardless of which method you choose a pre-travel application MUST be filled out (see below).

1.) Before you leave for your trip:

  • Fill out the online GSA pre-travel reimbursement application and submit it at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of your conference. If your pre-travel application is not submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your conference your request will be denied.
  • You will receive an email confirming your application was successfully submitted.
  • You will NOT receive any further notification or communication from the treasurer until you submit your travel reimbursement packet to the GSA office for processing.
  • Being pre-qualified for travel reimbursement money does not guarantee that your trip will be reimbursed. If funds are no longer available, you will be notified. The purpose of pre-qualification step of reimbursement is to let GSA know that you will be attending a conference and will be seeking funds in the near future.

If you wish to prepay for your trip please make an appointment with Treasurer, Geethika Liyanage via email at

    • Prepayment is done with a purchasing card and we are unable to pay for a portion of a cost that exceeds your allotted dollar amount (i.e., your conference registration is $350 and you are only eligible for $300). In an instance such as this, it is required that you seek reimbursement once you get back from your trip.
    • Please note that the P-Card can only be used to pre-pay conference registration expenses. If you are seeking reimbursement of hotel expenses, airfare expenses, or any other expense, you must request funding using an IRR form upon return from your conference.

Click for Pre-Travel Application

2) When you return from your trip:

  • Within 2 weeks of your trip: (Requests submitted after 2 weeks after the conference date will be denied)
  • Fill out the University Employee Travel and Reimbursement Form (Click here)
    • The entire top portion of the IRR must be filled out (including the purpose of travel), otherwise the request will be denied.
    • All dates of travel must be documented in the itinerary column. This means both the date you leave and the date you return must be listed.
    • All eligible expenses must be listed under Business Meals/Misc. (far right column)
      • Please number each expense along with the corresponding receipt.
      • As a reminder, food is NOT reimbursable.
    • A printed copy of the form must be signed by the individual requesting reimbursement.
      • NOTE: A supervisor/approver signature is not needed.
    • Click herefor an example of a properly filled out IRR form.
    • If you are receiving funding from any other sources this must be disclosed in the comment section of the form.
    • If you are not an employee of UT (i.e., you do not receive any paycheck from UT and do not have an employee tab when you log into UTAD) please write “Non-employee” in the comment section.
  • Compile all other required documentation*, including:
    • Original itemized receipts
      • Must contain your first and last name
      • Must have the company’s name and address on the receipt
      • Must be numbered to correspond to the expense on the IRR form
    • Conference acceptance letter
    • A copy of your abstract (if presenting)
    • A copy of the conference program cover and
      • Program cover must contain the logo of the conference, dates the conference was held, and the location the conference was held.
    • A copy of the program page listing your presentation (if presenting).
  • Submit the completed Employee Travel and Reimbursement form along with the required documentation directly to Geethika Liyanage or to any GSA representative in Student Union 1509.
    • NOTE: If no one is at the GSA Office when you arrive to drop off your travel reimbursement packet, please slide it under the door and notify the treasurer.
  • DO NOT use inter-office/university mail. There have been multiple issues with lost applications in the past.

*NOTE: Please DO NOT use staples to hold items together as they will have to be removed when the application is processed.

Travel Expenses

  • All travelers are expected to follow the prudent person rule and use reasonable judgment in selecting the appropriate mode of transportation factoring costs, availability, safety, and efficiency. When possible, travelers are encouraged to use the most economical mode of transportation.
  • For all reimbursable travel expenses documentation of expenses via original receipts is required in order to obtain reimbursement.
  • Airfare Expenses:
    • Airfare expenses require a receipt(s) showing the name of the student, the amount paid, and your credit card number on the receipt.
      • NOTE: A reservation confirmation or trip itinerary is NOT the same thing as a receipt.
      • NOTE:This means that if one student purchased multiple flights for other students on their credit card, then each student requesting funding must have their name on the receipt submitted to GSA.
      • NOTE: Baggage and luggage charges can be reimbursed by GSA if the student provides the appropriate documentation.
      • NOTE: Service fees, early check-in fees, and flight upgrade fees will NOT be reimbursed by GSA.
  • Hotel Expenses:
    • Hotel expenses require a receipt(s) showing the name of the student, the amount paid, and your credit card number on the receipt.
      • NOTE: If you share lodging with another student, both of your names must be on the hotel receipt in order to be reimbursed.
      • NOTE: If you share lodging with another student, each student is only eligible to be funded up to half of the total cost of the hotel (i.e., if the total cost of the hotel is $500 each student can only request up to $250 for hotel expenses)
      • NOTE: Airbnb lodging expenses can be reimbursed provided proper documentation is provided to GSA.
  • Cab, Train, and Bus Fares:
    • Must have original, dated receipts submitted to GSA.
      • NOTE: You may only request reimbursement for fares for yourself. Fares of other people traveling with you will not be reimbursed.
      • NOTE: You may only request reimbursement to and from your hotel to the conference location and vice versa.
  • Mileage: (All Steps Must be Followed to Be Reimbursed)
    • Gas/fuel receipts are not directly reimbursable through the employee reimbursement system. Only mileage to and from the destination is reimbursed.
    • Submissions must include the following to be eligible for mileage reimbursement:
      • 3 gas receipts(1 from the point of origin, 1 from the point of travel, and 1 upon your return)
      • A printout from Rand McNally’s website (Click Here), stating the mileage from your local address to your destination
      • NOTE: Only one student may request mileage reimbursement even when students travel together to attend a conference.
  • Rental Car Expenses:
    • In order to be reimbursed for rental cars used to go to a conference or during the conference there are a few important requirements in order to be reimbursed. (Please contact the treasurer if you wish to use a rental car)
      • NOTE: For complete information regarding the process please visit
      • NOTE: If you use a rental car, you are NOT eligible to be reimbursed for mileage. Instead, you will be reimbursed for the rental car expense and any gas expenses incurred. You do not need to submit three receipts (as is the case for mileage reimbursement) but rather the actual gas expense you incurred.
      • NOTE: Only one student may request rental car reimbursement even when students travel together to attend a conference.


          1. You must go to and login using your username and password.
          2. Once you login, you need to select the Defensive Driving and Van Driving Training test and complete/pass it.
          3. After you have successfully completed the test, you must send your pass certification to the treasurer.
          4. You must rent from Enterprise because the University of Toledo has a contract with that provider.
  • International Travel:
    • Regardless of funding UT policy states that all students traveling internationally register their trip with the Center for International Studies and Programs using this link.
    • NOTE: In addition to the aforementioned requirements, for international travel a currency exchange converter must be printed and attached to the reimbursement request documenting the conversion rate of the foreign currency to U.S. dollars.
    • A currency exchange converter can be found at
  • “Large” Conference Groups: 
    • Only 5 students are permitted to seek reimbursement for the same conference. After 5 students have applied for funding for the same conference, remaining students will be denied funding.
      • The reason reimbursement is capped at 5 students for the same conference is to ensure that GSA can reimburse the most students/conferences without one or very few conferences draining the travel reimbursement budget.
    • To solve this problem, GSA has initiated a new policy to process “large” conferences (those that have over 5 people attending the same conference) and the requirements to be have this type of conference funded is below.
      • If a college, department, or group of students know that more than 5 people will be attending the same conference they must contact the GSA treasurer to make him/her aware about their conference.
      • After notifying the treasurer, the group who is requesting more than 5 students attend the same conference, must submit a proposal to the treasurer detailing specific expenses that the group expects to incur on the conference.
        • The proposal should include the following information:
          • You must provide the index and the account number of your department so the funds can be transferred.
          • Department/College
          • Advisor name & contact information.
          • Student/Group name & contact information.
          • Number of students attending the conference
          • Conference Information (name, date, location, etc.)
          • Number of students presenting and number of students attending for academic enrichment purposes.
          • Costs expected to be incurred (travel, lodging, conference registration, cabs/buses, mileage, etc.)
      • After the proposal is submitted to the GSA treasurer, the GSA treasurer and executive board will determine how much of the request can be funded by GSA and will notify the point of contact for the group.
        • NOTE: GSA will likely be able to only providing funding for a small portion of the expenses proposed by the group due to our budget and the number of other requests we received. We encourage groups and students to look for funding else where and use GSA as a source to supplement remaining expenses not covered by a primary source.
      • At this point, the point of contact or advisor will need to provide GSA with a University Account Number and Index # so that the funds can be transferred.
        • NOTE: Once funds are transferred to the department or advisor, GSA has no involvement in determining the amounts each student is funded and all questions or inquires about specific amounts of funding for each student should be referred to the department or advisor.
  • Travel Reimbursement Applications with Errors:
    • Students will have one chance to resubmit an improper application. If the second submission also fails to adhere to the travel reimbursement procedure the application will be denied.

3) After Receiving Confirmation of Reimbursement from the GSA Treasurer:

  • Non-Employee:
    • Must notify the treasurer that they are not an employee within seven (7) days of receiving the confirmation email or else funding will be denied.
  • Employee: (Online Reimbursement Form)
    • If you are employed by UT (i.e., they send you a paycheck for any reason), then you must fill out the online travel form in addition to the University Employee Travel and Reimbursement Paper Form.
      • You must submit the online reimbursement form through the portal without any errors within seven (7) days after receiving the confirmation email or else funding will be denied.
    • Once your paper travel form has be approved by the treasurer you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions for how to complete the online portion of the reimbursement process.
    • Please read the instructions carefully or ask if you have any questions. If this form is not completed properly you will not receive your reimbursement.

Other Important Information:

  • The Travel Funding Program is a privilege not a right!
  • If you believe that the treasurer has incorrectly determined whether you are active status or inactive status please contact either Emily Fishman (Main Campus Secretary) at OR Angelique Nyinawabera (Health Science Campus Secretary) at
  • Students are allowed to request up to their maximum amount for reimbursement. For example, If a student is eligible for $300 in funds, the student could request reimbursement of $150 from two conferences to achieve their maximum reimbursement amount (or any other combination that reaches the maximum of $300).
  • If found “double dipping” (defined as asking for money for the same exact item from two different sources) that graduate student will be banned from the GSA Travel Funding program for their remaining tenure as a student at UT.
  • Example: A student asking for a $50.00 reimbursement from GSA as well as from their department for one $50.00 expense. This would result in the student receiving $100.00 for a single $50.00 expense. This is clear abuse of the system and absolutely will not be tolerated.
  • If found guilty of double dipping and sanctions are imposed, the decision is final.
  • GSA has the right to decline funding in the case of a student failing to adhere to the travel reimbursement procedure.
  • Applications and receipts will not be returned to you once submitted, so please make your own copies.
  • GSA will send out a confirmation email upon receiving your final application package, submitted after your trip.  Your application will be reviewed within 14 days by the Travel Funding Committee for approval.  You will be contacted via email once the decision has been made.
  • Due to the growing popularity of the Travel Funding Program funding may become limited.  GSA reserves the right to impose a hierarchical approach for the selection of applicant funding.  This hierarchy will be based on GSA funding availability, conference attendance status (presenter or visitor), or GSA membership level. Funding is never guaranteed and GSA maintains the right to deny funding at any time.