MGRS Registration

11th Annual Midwest Graduate Research Symposium 2020:

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Click on the links below to register!

  • Seminar or Poster Presenter Registration: Graduate students that seek to share a PowerPoint seminar presentation or printed poster to be considered for awards. Undergraduate students are welcome to register but will not be eligible for awards designated for graduate students. REGISTRATION CLOSED. 
  • Judges’ Registration: Faculty member at a university, college or educational institution, must have graduated with PhD, Masters, or Doctoral degree, or are a reputable professional, leader, industry/business member, or community member. Will be scoring and reviewing seminar and poster presentations to determine score, offer feedback, and recommend for award. REGISTRATION CLOSED. 
  • General Attendee Registration: Registration for those that will not be presenting a seminar/poster presentation and ineligible to judge. Are able to attend the conference as general audience.REGISTRATION CLOSED. 
  • Volunteer Registration: Registration for UT graduate and undergraduate students interested in the planning, set-up, management, and clean-up of the event. Graduate students that volunteer and complete their time are eligible for $300 and a 6-month active membership. REGISTRATION CLOSED. 

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